Play Hard or Go Home

If you don't go out committed to the cause when looking for girls you may as well just stay at home. Given the fact that women are there for the taking home most of the time you shouldn't need much motivation, but we all find ourselves at times needing a little boost of confidence and reminder of the prize.

So if you need a little booster then just imagine what you can achieve when you go out there and you are committed to the cause. You will get as many girls as you want let alone need and you will be able to bag a different quality of girl than you ever have before. If you don't go out and play hard then you may as well have just stayed at home.

Life is what you make it and if you stay indoors you will obviously end up going home with no-one. And with the prospect of being alone something we all dread why stay in, grab a few mates and head out there. You only need one wing man and you're set to be honest, you need to stay together but don't look inhibitive make sure you are open to all comers and available to women.

That said don't look desperate make sure she knows that she is privileged to be talking to you. Make up little white lies about what you do, no slight modification of a story ever hurt anyone if it was meant to impress. So a little trash talk about what you do for a job or where you have been in the last year really doesn't matter.
When you go up to her make sure you offer to buy her a drink at the first attempt and try and guess her drink to impress her. If she likes it your lucks obviously in if she doesn't then you just wasted five dollars but she will love that you tried. You might lose a little face but you will earn it in cuteness so ensure you try different ways to win her over.

If the ploys aren't working and she's losing interest don't be too downhearted about things, just pick yourself up and go again, look for the next target and go for that. You are only as good as your last score and you can always improve yourself so be enthusiastic and positive and you will reap the rewards.

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