Gift Ideas for History Buffs

One complaint friends have with the gifts they receive is that they aren't personal enough. Friends should know enough about your hobbies and interests to get you something you really like. If your friend is a history buff, you've got a lot of different avenues in which to get a gift. Things like books, DVDs, and even action figures could be good choices for your pal.

Here's a list of ideas which should narrow things down for you.

For Guys That Love History

If your guy friend loves history, here are ten great ideas he'll really love. Everything from ties to books to DVDs. You're sure to find something your guy friend will like. If not, here are a couple more generic guy gifts you could get.More »

Medieval Gift Ideas You Can Make

History buffs tend to get into one time period more than another. If your friend gravitates toward medieval times, here are a list of things you can make to help your pal have a Christmas that includes touches from that time period.

If you're not into making a gift, here's some advice before you buy a Medieval-themed present.More »

Boardgames Involving European History

If your history lover is also into board games, this list of games will help you choose something fabulous. Many boardgame creators have used Europe in some way in their games, either as a setting or as a point of reenactment.More »

Gifts for English History Lovers

A very fun and authentic list of gift ideas your history buff will love. These suggestions are especially good if your friend likes to travel and see historic sites firsthand.More »

Gifts From the History Channel

Your friend undoubtedly watches the History Channel if they're fascinated by the past, and these gift suggestions are a combination of quirky and serious. The list includes books, DVDs, totally unique trinkets, and more, from each of the shows on the History Channel.More »

Gifts From the Smithsonian

This gift list offers ideas for the kids, for guys and girls, holidays, and everything in between. There's a mix of everything sold in the Smithsonian Museum gift shop, so if your friend has never been there, you'll be able to surprise them with things from this list.

If you're running down to the wire and still haven't found anything, this list of last-minute gifts from the National Museum of American History will give you some ideas.More »

National Geographic Gifts

If your friend loves the NatGeo channel, they'll dig (pun intended) this holiday gift list. There are books, DVDs, clothing, jewelry and more on this list, all with an historic feel.More »

Books for History Lovers

This collection of books offers a variety of history-related subjects:
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