Talk To The Girl Next To Her

Another great dating tip is to talk to the girl next to the one that you actually like. There are no heart strings like those pulled when you try to make someone jealous. The green eyed monster is something of a fickle beast, he comes out when you are most vulnerable, but goes away again when it is your turn to get out in the sun.

There are so many different ways to find a way through the defences of women, to get the best out of a situation you need to be unique. But you also need to be versatile in your tactics, if however you find that the girl that has caught your eye is out with her girlfriends, then ensure that you talk to one of her friends before you do her.

You see girls out together are naturally in competition with each other, and if you make an impression on one of them, you will make one on them all. If you feel as if you are able to get the best out of the situation without doing this then you have every chance. But the chances are you should employ this tactic when it comes to a girl being with her friends.

The woman you like will want you more than anyone that night; you see they want what they can't have. Beautiful women are so used to being hit on, so used to being the centre of attention that if they are not, they have to rectify it. And to rectify it they need to come on to you, they need to advance themselves in ways they wouldn't have before.

You need to rile the beast in order to get a beautiful woman to come on to you, showing her just what she is missing out on, and showing her something she has not seen before. If you can successfully do this, then you will succeed in getting her number without fail, and also most likely manage to get laid for the night.

If you believe that this girl is meant for you then they may be other ways to get her in the sack. But talking to the best friend is a tactful and subtle way of making her interested. You may get two girls fighting over you but so what, that is their problem and you will be enjoying it too much to care.

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