Opt In List Building With a Squeeze Page

Is building an opt-in list with a squeeze page something you desire? Getting telephone calls from telemarketers has to be high on my list of incredible annoyances.
You register your telephone number with all the Do-Not-Call-Lists, but you still seem to get more than your fair share of unwanted marketing telephone calls.
It's easy to see the similarity of unwanted marketing telephone calls and unwanted marketing emails, or spam as it is referred to.
Marketing that is blasted at us just because we have a phone or computer is rarely desired, and usually an annoyance.
It is equally easy to see that there are countless reasons why we would want to be included on a list to receive information about a subject that interest us.
Our interest in a subject is what makes the contact wanted and possibly desired.
We are now entering the area of permission marketing which is a separate subject and should not be confused with the unwanted contacts discussed above.
Let's think about what you usually do when you are on your computer surfing the Internet.
Being on the Internet is a lot like driving on an interstate highway.
You are moving at a high rate of speed and something really has to catch your eye or you won't bother to slow down, even for an instant.
Now when something does catch your eye you slow down, or even stop, and start to read it.
You are thinking about what a great site it is and if you really like it you bookmark it so you can come back, when you have more time.
Then something interrupts you, it may be your spouse asking for assistance, your children starting to cry, or your dog barking.
It may or may not be important, but it interrupts you yet the same.
And what happens when you go back to the solitude of your computer screen? You have forgotten what you were looking at and what are the odds you'll ever use the bookmark to go back? I don't know about you, but when I look at my bookmarks I sometimes wonder who set them.
Remembering why I was interested in a site, and why I wanted to come back and look at it later seems to escape me.
Your site visitor is no different then you are.
No matter how great your site is things constantly distract them and just as you speed past a billboard on the interstate you are past the site of interest with little chance of returning.
Now if the site you visited had used a squeeze page, and had offered you a useful gift that was FREE, they would have a way to contact you.
When they email later you remember the useful gift they gave you and open the email to see what they have to say.
You are very likely to go back and see more of their site.
What's more is that they can continue to invite you back time and again because they got your contact information and you gave then your permission.
This is why optin list building with a squeeze page and getting permission to follow up with your visitors can be so powerful.
I also need to add that if later you have second thoughts about the site or decide you don't want to allow future contact, it is an easy matter to optout from the email list you joined.
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