When You Get The Renew Car Insurance Reminder Don"t Put The Premium Money On A Horse

Renew Car Insurance Bobby's grip had tightened on the steering wheel.
He couldn't remember driving in such terrible conditions before.
Visibility was awful, and to make matters worse, the renew car insurance sticker on the windscreen was bothering him.
The weather forecast hadn't mentioned torrential rain.
Fifteen minutes earlier, at 4 a.
, he had finished his twelve-hour shift at the mill and had run like a man demented through the driving rain to his car.
Easing his way out through the factory gates, he changed the wiper speed to its highest.
He smiled as he remembered his friend Tony calling this the 'frantic' speed.
Frantic speed or not, the wipers couldn't handle the flood gushing across the windscreen.
He had to strain his eyes to see the white defining lines of the highway.
The 'renew car insurance' reminder kept flashing in his mind.
He was consoled by the thought that there was very little traffic around at that time of night and if he took it nice and easy he should be fine.
His only concern was the humpback bridge at the creek.
Other worries suddenly entered his mind as he tried to concentrate on the white lines.
Financial problems were never far away from his thoughts.
He cringed as he recalled the 'sure thing' that Rudi had told him about.
That damn horse fell at the first and eight hundred dollars went down the drain.
He hadn't told Marge.
He had hidden the renew car insurance reminder from her.
She had the two-year-old twins, Laurie and Jeannie, to worry about.
In the distance he could now just barely make out the arc lights on the bridge and as he always did, he eased off the accelerator.
But, the car didn't respond as it should.
Something was badly wrong! He glanced down at the speedometer and his throat suddenly went dry as he realised that his speed was increasing and was rapidly approaching eighty miles per hour.
He lifted his right foot off the accelerator and frantically pressed the brake but the speed was still increasing.
His heart started to thump as he tried to slow the car down by changing gears and applying the hand brake.
The car was now starting to wobble dangerously and he knew he was seconds away from a bad accident.
Then he saw the truck approaching fast and he knew that it was all over.
He closed his eyes as the car collided head-on with the truck.
He didn't hear the usual crashing sound of metal on metal and he didn't feel the pain of the serious injuries he had incurred.
His last thoughts were about Marge, Little Laurie and Jeannie, and the renew car insurance reminder that he had neglected.
Then, in the distance, he heard a concerned voice asking 'Bobby, Bobby what's wrong?' He felt a hand on his shoulder shaking him gently.
He opened his eyes and through blurred vision he could make out the knotted pine ceiling of his bedroom that he and Marge had proudly erected.
Relief oozed out of every pore as he turned and hugged his beloved wife.
Is there a lesson here for all of us? When you get the renew car insurance reminder don't put the premium money on a horse.
Bobby decided there and then that leraning how to play the guitar was a much safer option.
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