No One Can Get Along Without Some Money

There are great discrepancies in the amounts of money which are available for different people in the world.
Paychecks vary greatly in size, and some people don't receive them.
This is a time of great economic upheaval and despair.
It is a time when the bad economy is evident throughout many parts of the world instead of a few isolated countries.
Money is an extremely important part of the life of almost everyone upon the earth, and everyone needs some of it whether they like it or not.
Whether you are a billionaire with more disposable income than most people can imagine, a successful or struggling home based business owner, or a homeless person on the street, money is important.
It's easy to say that money does not matter in the grand scheme of things, but the reality is that life is extremely difficult without it.
Marlene, when asked how things were going upon seeing a neighbor in the grocery store, replied that life was difficult.
Her husband had recently passed away, and she was facing some trials in the business they had worked together.
She did not want to unload her problems on to anyone else, but she honestly stated that there were challenges.
The neighbor immediately said he would write her a check.
She stated that things would work out and she did not want to take money from him.
He told her that he had more money than he or his family would ever need in his lifetime and he could afford to help her out.
Life was not that bad, she insisted as she refused his offer for help.
Yet this neighbor could afford to help others.
Was he giving as much as he could to ease the pain of someone who was hurting? There are so many people who could use a helping hand, but they won't ask for help.
They would not refuse help, but they would not solicit it from their friends and family.
It would be a good idea for people with huge amounts of extra money to look for ways to help the less fortunate.
There is the story of the man who pays for college for children in his neighborhood even though he is not wealthy.
The woman who cooks dinner for friends when they are having a family problem makes life more pleasant for someone else.
The person who gives a little spare change or a few dollars to the homeless person on the street may alleviate some hunger.
The teenagers who spend spare time each week volunteering at a hospital or entertaining the elderly in a rest home make life better for their fellowmen.
The young boy who mows a lawn or shovels snow for a neighbor without being asked deserves praise for his service.
When money is short or lacking, these people help to make the world a better place.
There are many ways to give service which do not require money.
However, a person with an abundance of money has the option of sharing the wealth with people in need.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
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