Talk Dirty To Me: A Guide for Women

Ladies, I am often asked for a simple way to turn a man on.
One of the most fun things to do both in and out of the bedroom is to talk dirty to each other.
Talking dirty should start outside of the bedroom and can help you be more playful, get each other turned on, and result in more explosive sex.
If you've never engaged in dirty talk, you may feel silly at first! But trust me, once your man responds to you talking dirty to him, you will get through this phase quickly and become much more comfortable with more explicit phrases.
We are delighted to hear dirty things coming out of your mouth.
You will find that talking dirty to us will not only turn us on, it will get you revved up in the process.
Keep in mind that we men are simple.
We respond well to visual stimulus and to explicit and direct phrases.
Talking dirty does not have to equal degrading or demeaning yourself to your partner.
Lay the groundrules first.
If there are certain words or phrases that you are uncomfortable with or even turn you off, let us know ahead of time.
Otherwise, we might get carried away and say something that you don't like.
Men appreciate being told what you want in a direct and straightforward manner.
If you beat around the bush with us or make hints, we won't get it! If you feel silly or self-conscious, start slow.
You will quickly learn what phrases he likes and what really turns him on.
One of our favorite things is when you tell us what turns you on or what you like in bed.
Tell him, "I love it when you go down on me," or "It makes me so hot when you caress me all over my body.
" You can start this outside of the bedroom - catch him in a public place and whisper in his ear.
Tell him that you can't wait to get him in bed so that he can touch you all over.
Get his imagination running.
If you're feeling at a loss for words, narrate what is going on.
If you're engaging in foreplay, tell him how good it feels.
If he's going down on you, tell him, "I love it when you lick my clit.
It makes me so wet.
" Give him feedback on what he's doing.
"I like it when you put your fingers inside of me while you're licking me.
Do it harder.
" Describe what's going on and how it feels.
"It feels so good to have you inside of me.
It makes me cum so hard.
" Don't be scared to tell him what you want.
Direct the action with your voice.
Where do you want his hands? Tell him.
Where do you want his mouth, and what do you want him to be doing with it? Be specific and direct with him.
Tell him, "I want you to lick my clit," or "Suck on my nipples while you play with my clit.
" Once you're comfortable, try using more explicit words and phrases.
"Your cock feels so good inside of my pussy.
" "You make my pussy so wet.
" "You make me cum so hard when you fuck me from behind.
" It will drive us crazy.
Remember that we like it explicit - the dirtier, the better! And finally, practice makes perfect! You may feel silly at first, so try doing it solo, and practice your voice, what you are going to say, and work to perfect your phrasing.
If you have a video capable camera or smartphone, record what you are saying and play it back.
This may help to fine tune your thoughts.
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