How to Add a Bubble Caption to Your Photos

    • 1). Use the Big Huge Labs website ( to add a bubble caption to your photos. Big Huge Lab is a free service that enables you to upload photos from your computer to add bubble captions instantly. Plus, you can become a member for free and save photos you upload so you can access them for future use. With Big Huge Labs, you can add four bubble captions per photo and you can select between three styles of bubbles: the "speech balloon," "thought bubble" and "action bubble" caption. You can place your captions wherever you want by dragging them with your mouse. When finished, you are able to share your photo via email, Facebook or Flicker, or you can save the photo to your computer. You can also choose from a list of stamps that can be added to your photos. These stamps include themes such as Easter, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

    • 2). Access the SuperLame website ( and use its web tool to add bubble captions to your pictures. SuperLame delivers a user-friendly program that is free. With SuperLame, you are prompted to upload the photo you want to add a bubble caption to. Thereafter, you are prompted to add a balloon by clicking the "Add balloon" tab. A balloon is then displayed on your photo and you can type your captions and edit the balloon to your liking by clicking the icons that change the balloon's size, shape, edge and the caption's font. With SuperLame, you can also click on the "Add Sound FX" tab to add captions that say "Ka-Kooom!," "Lame!," "Super!" and "Wham-o!" You can place these captions wherever you want with your mouse. Once you finish adding the bubble captions, you can save the image to see a preview. If you like the result, you can save it to your computer or email it to a friend.

    • 3). Navigate to the Bubble Caption website ( and use its web service to add bubble captions to your photos. To use this free service, click the "Get Started!" or "Start Now" link. You will be prompted to upload a photo from your computer, or you can upload a photo from a URL if the photo you want to use is displayed on a website. Once the photo is uploaded, you will be prompted to choose from three bubble styles. Click the bubble you like most and type the text you want displayed therein. You can also adjust the size of the bubble and drag it to where you want it to be displayed in your photo. When finished, click the "Preview/Finish" tab to see the result. You can save the photo to your computer or you can share the photos on MySpace and other social networking sites.

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