Picking The Best Popcorn Machine Supplies

Buying commercial popcorn machine supplies could be confusing. And now with increasingly more dealers putting their stores on-line, you are not limited to what's found locally. But having so many options to select from can make this fun task actually unpleasant for some individuals. Let's break it down into steps to guarantee you get what you actually require.

Let us begin with the most crucial thing, the popcorn itself. Most plain popcorn kernels are either White or Yellow. Yellow pops into bigger, fluffier kernels whereas White provides a more subtle, sweeter flavor in a smaller kernel. But the choice does not stop there. There are multicolor blends available too.

These days the term popcorn can mean so many different things beyond the standard salt and butter we have all grown up with. Kettle corn is a big favorite, being both salty and sweet. Cheese is popular also. And several suppliers offer different gourmet blends for you to pick from.

But if you don't find the flavor you want, you can find the supplies to make it. There are shake-on flavors for after it is popped, flavors you can add during the popping process and glazes that get added to the oil which create both flavored and colored popcorn. Chocolate and Blueberry popcorn might be a favorite for some individuals while Rosemary and Garlic hit the spot for other people.

Pop can either be an indulgent snack or a healthy one. In addition to the flavorings, salt, sugar and butter added, the oil which is used plays a big part in both taste and health. You can pick from Canola, Coconut, Corn and Sunflower oils. The oils could come flavored too to offer you many more options or your popcorn.

After you have figured out what kind you want, you have to now decide how you want it to be served? Traditional containers include bags, boxes and buckets. Boxes and bags are great for individual servings, whilst buckets make sharing easy. And if you are making batches of different flavors you may want to invest in popcorn warmer to keep the first batch warm and tasty whilst popping up another flavor.

Many retailers let you pick and choose your supplies so you could personalize your experience as much as possible. But they also offer a large variety of pre-made packages with most options to give you a pain free shopping experience.
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