How to Replace a Fuel Rail

    • 1). Remove the fuse to your vehicle's electronic control module or fuel pump. This will be located in your vehicle's main fuse box, typically under the hood on the driver's side.

    • 2). Start your car's engine and let it run for several minutes. Once the engine dies, the fuel system has been depressurized and is safe to begin work on.

    • 3). Disconnect your car's battery by removing the black negative terminal cable with a wrench.

    • 4). Remove the air cleaner assembly, including all associated ducts, tubes and hoses, with a screwdriver. The air cleaner assembly is a filtering mechanism and can be traced from the tubing to its connection points.

    • 5). Unplug the fuel injection connectors with a flat head screwdriver. The connectors are located under or to the side of the fuel rail. Pry up the clips with the screwdriver and pull out the connectors.

    • 6). Disconnect the vacuum and fuel return hoses. These are attached to the fuel pressure regulator (located near the passenger's side) and the fuel rail.

    • 7). Remove the ground wires connected to the intake manifold with a ratchet and socket. The manifold is typically located near the passenger's side corner.

    • 8). Detach all of the fuel lines connected to the fuel rail. Most fuel lines are attached with thread-on bolts which can be removed with an adjustable spanner wrench.

    • 9). Remove the mounting bolts for the fuel rail assembly then pull off the assembly. Remove the screws that secure the injectors to the rail.

    • 10

      Install the injectors onto the new fuel rail and secure them with the screws removed in Step 9.

    • 11

      Mount the new fuel rail into place and secure the mounting bolts.

    • 12

      Complete the installation by reconnecting the fuel lines, ground wires and vacuum hoses. Also plug in the fuel injection connectors, replace the air cleaner assembly and all associated tubing and reconnect the black negative terminal cable to your car's battery. Reinstall the electronic control module or fuel pump fuse.

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