SEO - Optimization On-Page & Off-Page

On-page optimization is one of the best things an online entrepreneur can do for his or her website business.
When you have a website that is optimized for search engines to easily crawl and claim your site as authoritative, his or her chances of converting visitors into sales.
What is on-page optimization? On page optimization is making sure the content on your website is search engine friendly.
When a crawler visits a web-page that is already optimized for search engines, it will instantly recognize your website as an authoritative page on that particular keyword.
The most successful web-pages have mastered the art of on-page optimization.
The number one mistake of online entrepreneurs is not doing enough on-page optimization.
On-Page vs.
Off Page optimization
On Page optimization is just as important as Off-page optimization.
Off-page optimization involves building a huge amount of links that point back to your website.
Also it is highly important that anchor texts pointing back to your website also have keywords in them.
Google and many other search engines read the anchor texts to determine whether your site is a legitimate online authority on that particular keyword.
On-Page optimization techniques It is important that you perform keyword research on every single keyword that you choose to use.
Many experts believe that you should optimize every single web-page based on one or two keywords.
It is also important that you use long-tail keywords, simply because long-tail keywords are less competitive, and you will receive highly targeted visitors to your website.
Off-Page optimization techniques Some off-page techniques you can use is finding one-way back-links.
One way back-links are links that only point to your site, without you having to point back in exchange.
The more quality one way back-links pointing to your web-page; the better your web-page will rank in the Search Engines.
Also remember this important tip: Google ranks pages individually, it doesn't rank websites.
Therefore it is best to spend most of your effort optimizing your most important web-pages.
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