Provide Direct Hyperlinks From Emails to Increase Online Catalog Sales

We all know that Web shoppers are an impatient bunch.
So when you land in their inbox selling something they want, you'd better be able to take them to it quickly.
If a potential customer took the initiative to subscribe to your email campaign, that's confirmation that he or she is interested in what you've got.
This is good news.
So make sure that the prospect can move from your email to your product pages uninhibited.
The best way to accomplish this is through a direct hyperlink.
I know, I know; it sounds silly to say this, but surprisingly, it isn't always the case.
Many online catalogers fail to provide a direct link from the email that's showcasing an item to the product page on their site.
This is equivalent to a print catalog with an index that lists incorrect page numbers for the merchandise! And another thing about hyperlinks.
Not only should they link directly to the correct product page, but the link should work.
Nothing frustrates a shopper more than a "Page Not Found" error.
Test those links to be sure they function correctly.
Make your prospect's shopping experience as easy as possible.
Don't ask him or her to jump through hoops.
Because the online shopper won't.
A recent Harris Interactive poll found that 42% of consumers said they'd abandon their transaction if they encountered some kind of online roadblock -- and permanently decide to use another e-tailer; ouch! Customers are your bread and butter, so don't give them the runaround.
Make sure the merchandise featured in your email links directly to the item on your site.
It sounds obvious, but treating your customers to an uncomplicated shopping experience keeps them coming back for more.
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