How to Improve AdWords PPC Conversion

With PPC advertising, getting targeted traffic is easy.
All you need to do is setup AdWords campaigns within five minutes and start getting visitors.
However, the big problem is not about traffic, but conversion.
Most advertisers fail to focus on relevancy, resulting poor conversion in their campaigns.
These tips can help you cut advertising cost and improve return of investment:
  1. Brainstorm for the right keywords and use the longer keywords.
    Think of keywords your potential customers might type into Google search when they about to make purchase and not based on the volume of traffic your might receive.
  2. Keep in mind that general keyword phrase won't convert.
    For example camera, weight loss, eBook and affiliate marketing.
    The best keyword phrase would be describing the problems or the name of product your visitors are looking for.
  3. Research properly on free shopping sites like Amazon to get keyword idea.
    For example, what product name people might always search for, what problems they have.
  4. Use Google Keyword Tool or other programs like Keyword Elite to generate massive targeted keywords.
    If you are using free keyword tool, make sure to focus on long keywords, and not the ones with high search volume.
  5. Change the headline, add images and tell your customers on how the product can help them.
    If the person experienced blue screen error problem, tell them how your registry cleaner program can help them.
    The more relevant your website, the higher its conversion.
  6. Add video to your website.
    Adding video and audio is proven to increase conversion rate.
    Embed at most two videos from YouTube or other video sharing sites.
    Keep in mind that your website might slow down if you insert too many video or images.
  7. Collect your visitor's email.
    Unless if you are targeting product name keywords, potential customers will less likely going to buy anything in the first visit.
    They will think twice and perform more research before deciding the right product for their needs.
    Which is why, collecting emails is crucial and proven to increase conversion rate up to 10%.
  8. Add credibility and trust.
    This includes privacy policy page, refund policy, contact us page and disclaimer.
    It would be better if you can add free forums or blogs where visitors can ask questions, leave a comment.
    That shows you are real person who wants to help others.
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