I Hate Traditional MLM Tactics

Look, I'm going to be very honest.
I think the traditional methods to build an MLM business are down right "cave men like.
to me they are that outdated.
I guess I just have this huge problem chasing around friends and family, hounding neighbors, and harassing anyone within 3 feet of me.
Did I mention the problem I have with the fact that NONE of these people every showed any interest or asked me for information about my opportunity? You know what that is...
That is what we call unsolicited offers which we didn't ask for.
Personally, I think there is a MUCH better way to do network marketing and to build an MLM business.
It's called MARKETING.
What a concept!To actually put the marketing into "network marketing.
"Here is how I like to build my MLM business (and have done so very successfully).
I like to tap directly into the group of people who are ALREADY looking for what I have to offer.
I like to tap into the people who have expressed an interest, and TOLD ME they want more information about my specific business opportunity.
Sounds like a fantasy when you are stuck in the "archaic" MLM mind frame doesn't it?It's not a fantasy.
Far from it.
It's just intelligent business.
When you approach your MLM network marketing business like normal businesses which apply sound marketing principles and strategies...
you can create a system of endless business growth.
It's that simple.
Open your mind to the possibilities available to you, and don't always listen to your upline just because something worked for them.
97% of the people in this industry fail because they try to duplicate "people.
"Meaning, they try to duplicate the strategies that worked for some people...
rather then duplicate a marketing system that will work no matter who the heck you are.
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