Travelling With Children To East Coast Tasmania

My family never failed to do our annual travels since the birth of our Firstborn. Now that we have our Second-born, two boys for that matter, we have to come up with more exciting destinations for them. The city is a part of their daily lives. We have to have some respite and be one with nature. And since the zoo is the nearest thing they have experienced when it comes to animals, it would be good to bring them to the real thing.

The East Coast of Tasmania would be a good place to go for the kids to explore and experience nature and its creatures at its best. Of course, when we talk about Tasmania, Kangaroos are the best attractions to perk the kids' interest. I never will doubt how my boys will react if they will be told they could see Kangaroos right in front of them... in their natural habitat and not in the zoos we have been to. If I were still a kid, I would dream about joeys peeking from their mom's pouches. Would I dare touch them? I'm not as adventurous as my boys are so I would just most likely stare and take lots of photos.

I think I feel grateful while I am thinking about this trip. Having boys for my kids make me plan vacations without having to think about girly needs, if you know what I mean. We have made fishing trips as a family before and the East Coast of Tasmania has several fishing destination which look ideal for this kind of trip. The fishing trips we had done so far were in fishing platforms in the middle of the sea. I would love to experience fishing like the way fishing is really done and this one looks promising. I just hope we could rent fishing gadgets to truly enjoy the fishing trip.

This side of Tasmania would not be a hard place to sell to the boys when hubby and I would tell them about all the possible things we could do along the beaches. We could walk along the shorelines and do some boating for them to marvel about the powers of the great waters. I am looking forward when they would become bigger and we could introduce them to the more adventurous snorkelling, diving and kayaking. But for now, our children will just have to enjoy the simple activities and we could probably delight them with the challenge of finding their own 'Killikrankie diamond' in Flinders Island.

Whoever thinks that travelling with kids is hard has never had the fortune to hear their children's laughter and witness the delight in their children's eyes. I am so looking forward to plan out a trip to the East Coast of Tasmania where a day would surely be not enough for the children's energy to be worn out.

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