Marketing Your Company With Promotional Ceramic Mugs

When you think of ceramic mugs, you think of coffee. When you think of promotion, you think of newspaper ads and commercials. Do you think of both in the same sentence? How can promotion and ceramic mugs go together in a viable way? Quite easily in fact! All it takes is some promotional ceramic mugs. While this may seem like an out-there concept, it is actually being used by companies all over the world quite successfully.

When you give your customers promotional products like promotional ceramic mugs, you are giving them something they can use for several years. When they want a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, they can use the mug that you gave them. While this may seem like a great way to promote yourself to a customer who already knows about your company, is it worth the price of five to ten dollars? When you realize that the cup not only promotes your company to one customer, but to as many as hundreds of customers, then yes it is worth the price.

How do promotional ceramic mugs reach so many customers? Quite easily in fact. The thing is that when a customer gets a ceramic mug, they are going to be using it time and time again. They will be using it when they have coffee with friends, when they are sitting at a dinner party and more. Every time they use it, they are essentially holding a billboard of your company in front of everyone. They are promoting your company each time they use that ceramic mug in front of someone. If they use that mug for ten to 15 years, then that is hundreds of people who will see the mug and the logo on it. That is an astonishing amount of promotion for such a small price.

Promotional ceramic mugs are cheap and effective, much more so than newspaper ads or commercials. Think of it this way. You can spend $10,000 on a television ad and $1,000 on a newspaper ad, but neither has the staying power of a promotional product. Promotional products last for decades and they advertise your company every time they are used. This is why so many companies are using promotional products as part of their marketing plan and it is why your company should be using promotional products as part of your marketing plan as well.

When you give your customers a promotional ceramic mug, you are thanking them for their business and you are also promoting your company. Whether the customer realizes it or not, they are promoting your company and they are having your logo branded in their head. Each time they take a sip of the coffee, they see your logo. Eventually, when they need something you sell, they wont even think about where to go, they will just go to you because they have been branded with your logo. Brand awareness is the holy grail of business and it is one of the hardest things to achieve. You can make it easier for yourself with promotional products.
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