Network Marketing - Lead Capture Pages

You'll find two very different opinions on lead capture pages.
You'll find people who love them and believe they are the only way to market and you'll find people who would never use lead capture pages and would never teach that system.
I'm on the side of never using lead capture pages.
For those who don't know what a lead capture page is, it's a webpage where you ask for someone's name, email address and phone number without giving away any information.
What little information you offer is very generic, leaving the person no option but to leave the information if they want to know what you're offering.
It's called a "lead capture page" as the philosophy is that once you have the contact information, the person is now a "lead.
" The other thing I see that is becoming very popular is offering something for free in exchange for the person's name, phone number and email address.
Perhaps the page offers a free report or perhaps it offers a free e-book.
Either way, you can only get the free information if you leave your contact information.
Once you leave your information on the webpage, the person who has captured your information now believes you are a lead.
They believe they now have the right to solicit you since you gave them your contact information.
Often, the person who left their name and other contact information just wanted the freebie being offered.
They aren't interested in a business; they often aren't even expecting the sales call.
They simply wanted the information and were tricked into giving their contact information never realizing they'd be contacted for a business opportunity.
This is not how I do business.
I do not ask anyone for information.
If someone wants to know about my business, they can simply ask.
There are no games, no manipulation and no unwanted emails or phone calls.
Before you create a lead capture page, put yourself into the shoes of the person whose information you'll be capturing.
Is this really how you want to do business?
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