Are You a Network Marketing Hustler?

Many people come on the Internet today, and literally believe that they can make money on the first day that they've paid to be a part of their business.
It's absurd when you think about it, false advertisement is what that's called.
As powerful as Internet is i wouldn't be surprised if that were the case but, if you're new to the industry and your hear on a hoax, then you a long ways to go, because haven't experienced pain yet.
There's many people that honestly becomes something in this industry, but those people were hustlers.
A hustler is a person that works there tail off no matter what the occasion may be, it can be mother's day, father's day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, president's day, it doesn't matter to them, because in there minds they're not living life until they achieve that stardom, many of them are fighting so hard to achieve.
As crazy as that sounds, it's the truth, what do you expect? it was going to be easy? that road to MLM stardom is longer then you think.
If you put your hustle first, and really work your tail off, and i mean truly giving it your all on this computer, trying to catapult your business, then when people talk about how many years it'll take to succeed, you shouldn't inhale a huge breathe of air, implying that this is crazy.
Working for the rest of your life is crazy, so if someone is trying to change that, and their life by the horns then there's nothing that's going to stop them.
I tip my hat off to people like, people that literally going to sacrifice there lives for that shot at becoming a person doesn't ever have to ever worry about paying bills a day in there lives ever again are people that newbies in this industry should look up to.
If you're a newbie in this industry, you have to join a business with that type of mindset, because if you don't you're to fail, i mean really you're going fail miserably.
You have to take your business ventures into account, and market like one has ever seen, do it for family, or if you're wife or girl friend has child on the way, do it for them.
Hard work is the name of the game, working hard, if you're not here to put in the work that it takes to be rich, or at least close to it then you're wasting your time.
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