The Best Way to Make a Guy Jealous

Have you been trying to make a guy jealous and it's not working? Do you think you're using tactics that are too obvious and the guys see you coming a mile away? Are you looking for tricks that are subtle and guaranteed to work? When we try too hard, it can show and guys will only turn away in frustration.
But here's how you can really touch on this emotion without raising his suspicion.
Some guys are innately more jealous than others.
So if he doesn't get jealous, does that mean he's not interested? Well, every guy has his breaking point, but the guy who shows no sign of jealousy at all might simply not be interested enough in having a relationship with you.
Using the Right Bait Women will often make the same mistake when it comes to making a guy jealous.
They'll pick out a really hot looking guy and they'll talk to him in front of the guy their trying to rile up.
Chances are this will result simply in getting him angry as opposed to jealous.
You don't want to make your guy feel small and insignificant in front of this other guy.
Instead, make him jealous of the life you lead and of the things you find important to you.
Have him competing with everything you enjoy doing, rather than competing with another man.
If he knows that your free time is limited and he has to work to squeeze his way in there somewhere, he'll put his act together and make sure he gets to spend time with you.
Where Other Guys Come In Never initiate a conversation with another guy.
Chances are your guy will see what you're up to.
You'll look petty and silly, and he'll get frustrated and annoyed.
Let whatever actions you take look as natural and unplanned as possible.
Sometimes the interested look from that guy in the corner can be enough to set your guy wondering.
But keep you reaction to this tame and subdued.
Watching another guy hit on you will up his game and keep him on his toes.
Seeing that you react more favorably to his advances than that other guy is going to boost his ego and have him wanting you all the more.
Jealousy can take many forms.
Make sure you make him jealous in a way that is going to get you the best results.
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