Five More College Study Tips to Help Achieve the Test Results You Crave

 A critical part of being a successful student is the ability to score high on tests and exams.
Many students struggle or even fail because they fail to plan.
A huge factor in your success is understanding and using proper study techniques.
I have helped many students be better test takers by reminding them of proper study habits.
This article will do the same and re-introduce five more college study tips and how increasing your study speed will tie it all together.
  When you study it is very important as you have to study everyday when an exam or test is on the horizon.
A key tip is to know when you operate the best and then study during that time.
Some students like myself function best at night others will function best in the morning.
Whenever you function best stick to those times when you study everyday.
When you're studying clear your desk of everything except what you are studying.
The more you focus on what you are studying the better your performance will be so clear that desk and get focused.
  Getting high scores on tests and exams means putting in the time and when studying you have to keep your mind sharp.
One of the best ways to do that is to take breaks every hour you study, now you want to limit those breaks to fifteen minutes.
During those breaks be active to keep the blood flowing a little bit.
Take a quick walk or some light activity like jumping jacks or pushups.
I know what your thinking but it works I used to do this all the time during my breaks and it helps keep my mind sharp.
  Finally you have to take care of yourself when you are studying.
Limit your meals to smaller ones because large meals will cause you to feel tired taking away your focus.
When eating meals focus on foods that are high in protein.
Furthermore, decrease the amount of carbohydrates you eat, drink plenty of water and limit the amount of caffeine.
Many students try to ramp up study times by overloading on caffeine.
This strategy will limit your study effectiveness over time and decrease your test performance.
Taking care of your self means getting enough sleep the night before the exam.
The proper rest requires you to get at least eight hours of sleep.
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