Fly To Your Dream Land With The Wings Of Education

Northern part of the country has its share in the progress and the development of India. Since our independence, the states of our country have worked hard to change the low development of the country and have brought about an impressive change. Today the country has earned a name for itself; we have become independent in almost every field and working towards becoming a developed country of the world.

The city of Faridabad is situated in Northern region of country. The city is an industrial hub and is one of the largest cities of the Indian state of Haryana. This progressive city is also a neighboring city of the National Capital and Union Territory of Delhi. The city shares its boundary with other well known and urbanized cities; on the west it shares its border with the Gurgaon district and with Uttar Pradesh from the south and the eastern side.

The location of the city of Faridabad is a very significant and prime location as the city is industrialized, developing, and is kind of surrounded by some of the big cities of the country; so the city has a good job and work opportunity. Not just this, the city has a considerable amount of population, and this proves that the city is one of the relocating destinations. The city has developed in the past few decades and the government has availed all the public amenities to the people of the city. The city transport is no doubt better than before and the city is well connected to the other states and cities of the country through the air, rail and road services. The city government has started new projects and many others project plans are in the pipeline for the development and progress of the city.

One of the main concerns is the progress of the education field and the city authority and other concerned parties have founded a good number of educational institutions to increase and prosper in this field. The city has a number of schools, colleges and universities. The schools in the city are affiliated with CBSE and ICSE Board. These schools are either run by government, by private or are funded by government but administered by private organization.

The city has every type of schools for students from different age group, for instance the kindergartens, primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. The world and international schools of the city have eminent and impressive infrastructure. The schools here have interactive and extensive education system which gives the students an all round intellectual and personality development.

The schools here have included interesting and enthusiastic co curricular activities in the schools year planner and this gives students to open up to other activities besides studying .The schools here have inspiring atmosphere and helpful teachers always encourage the students to good in every field they dream to work. The schools have all the amenities with proper security system for the safety of the students here.
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