5 Surefire Methods to Get Affordable Car Insurance

There are so many cars on the road that having insurance should never be something that you neglect.
While insurance is important, it is also very expensive and the costs are rising all the time.
Here are five little-known tips that will help you save.
Many car insurance companies offer discounts for full-time college students as long as they have a B grade average or better.
The reason for this is the fact that statistics show that better students make for better drivers.
The average amount of good student discounts is 15%.
This discount will be in effect for as long as the student continues to get good grades.
It is available for students up to the age of 25 in most cases.
There are many cars that come already equipped with anti-lock brakes.
When purchasing a car, you should keep this in mind since a lot of insurance companies offer discounts of 10% or more if your car has these installed.
This is because your car will be perceived as being more safe since it has added safety features.
While having good grades in school makes you eligible for discounts, you can also be eligible for additional discounts if your school is more than 100 miles away from where you live.
This is most often referred to as the Distant Student Discount.
Even if you have a student in your home that is not home very often, you can add them to your policy to take advantage of this.
When you sign up for auto insurance, you are given the option of paying it in monthly installments or paying for it in one large lump sum.
Most people do not see the lump sum option as being very affordable, so they opt for the monthly payments.
That is a mistake because paying in a lump sum will save an average of $25 a month.
If you are buying a new car, then you should factor a lump sum insurance payment into the amount you are setting aside for the purchase.
If you are one of those people that only uses your car to get around some of the time and the other part of the time you carpool or take public transit, you may be eligible for a discount from your insurance company.
The fact that you do not use your car for all of your transportation needs lets the insurance company know that your car is not going to have a lot of mileage and wear put on it regularly, hence the discount.
While every single person that gets insurance is not eligible for a discount, many people are.
Your company is likely not going to offer these discounts to you, so you will have to ask if you think you are eligible for one.
There may be more ways to qualify for affordable car insurance than the options listed here.
Use these as a starting point and make further inquiries with any auto insurance provider you are considering while doing your due diligence.
It's a little work, but the payoff can be well worth it.
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