Article Marketing And Keyword Advice!

When it comes to article marketing, one of the easiest and most simplistic methods is submitting articles to article directories.
This works well because it drives more traffic to your website(s).
Many article directories are free and will allow you to include a link at the bottom of the article; sometimes as a resource.
Keywords When writing articles, create a target keyword for your article.
Make it a long tail keyword instead of a short one.
The target keyword will give your article a better chance of being found by the search engines.
Be sure to use a keyword tool to find keywords that have a good enough amount of searches without much competition.
Do not blindly dive head first into mapping out and writing your article.
Instead, do your homework, and conduct research on the most relevant keywords, This is very important.
Even the most well-written article will fail to generate the desired response if prospective readers cannot find it by performing an online search.
Making your article visible by including keyword-rich content will increase your success.
If you're using articles to promote your affiliate products, make sure that you're always switching up the length of these articles.
You will want to put some out that are only 200 words or so, and you can go into deeper detail in other 500-word articles.
The idea here is to change up the keyword volume and the advertising intensity.
You should aim for 1 keyword per 100 word in your article.
Keyword Research Keyword research tools are powerful aids in any article marketing campaign, and if you are new to article writing it may be just what you need, there are many keyword research tools and services available for sale - most costing around $100 dollars, so there can be a small investment, however an experienced writer does not need to spend money, The free tools available online (many from search engines themselves) are more than adequate for the experienced writer's needs.
Do your keyword research.
If you have already written an article, but aren't sure what to title it, look for commonly searched keywords that will fit the article.
Do not use keywords that don't match up.
No one likes to be looking for fishing gear and click on an article about the most recent music videos.
After you have chosen the topic of your article, then you should do keyword research to find out which keywords you will be using in your article.
Keywords are the words that people use to search for what you are offering and then search engines will return the best websites or articles that are a match for the keywords.
Article directories work for people in need of article marketing to send higher amounts of traffic their way.
Again, this is free and quite easy to do and it will be very beneficial to achieving success.
The more you have about you and your website online, the more likely it is that people will be able to find you and that you will rank highly on the search engines, which should be the top priority for anyone trying to supplement their income or make a living online.
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