The Best Way To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook is used by more than 440 million people to share personal information with friends online. Businesses are starting to see the potential of reaching this many people. Your business shouldn't miss out on this incredible opportunity to spread the word about your venture. You can create free Facebook Business pages to gain a new channel by which you can interact with your current customers and acquire new customers as your Facebook fans spread the word about your business to their friends. Writer Vangie Beal describes an easy way to create a facebook page and her steps are summarized below. Follow these easy steps to get your business on Facebook to tap the burgeoning marketing potential Facebook offers for free.

First, visit the Facebook Advertising Page and pick out of the following business options: Advertising (create ads that will run on Facebook pages), Pages (create a presence that will let others join your page), Connect (allow users to connect their accounts and information on your site), or Facebook Share (design a button to make joining your profile easy).

The best way to garner the most attention is to create a Page. You will first need to have the basic information about your business available. Decide on a page name and find any images you want to upload to your page. Create an image of your company logo to use for your profile picture. Have a description ready for your Web site, product, brand, or company. Choose one of three categories for your business: Local Business, Brand or Product, or Public Band/Artist/Figure. Then enter your business name. After you submit this information, your page will look very similar to a personal profile Facebook page. Next upload your logo, provide business information, contact information, hours of operation if applicable, and a general description of your business. Congratulations! You just published your Business Page on Facebook.

In order to make your Business Page more attractive and interesting to users, you can customize it with applications and details. Click on the Edit Page link on the top right of your page. Here you can customize all application options. Each application has an edit option that allows you to remove it completely or customize. Some available applications are Discussion Boards where your fans can talk about their ideas in the open, letting you know exactly what they think and want. The Events application can help you organize gatherings and meetings and let your customers know about upcoming business events or promotions.

The Notes application will allow you to share your business news or the outcome of business events. The Photos application will let you share images of new products, events, or people that are a part of your business venture in order to connect on a more personal level with your customers. The Wall is a forum in which your fans can leave comments and suggestions about your business directly on your profile. You can also edit your settings to customize your privacy options such as country restrictions or age restrictions. After two days, Facebook will provide you with collected data about how well your business page is performing and how many customers use it and how they use it. Don't forget to encourage your Facebook friends to become fans of your page so that their friends can be notified to join also.
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