Using a WoW Gold Guide - Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought of using a WoW gold guide? I have, when Cataclysm came out and everything had prices piercing the roof.
That's because I didn't want to take any other alternatives.
So, in this article I'm going to speak a little about the pros and cons about using a guide for making gold in World of Warcraft.
Pros for using a WoW gold guide 1.
There's absolutely no chance to get your account hacked.
Many players buy gold from various online sellers, but many gold sellers have keyloggers hidden on their pages.
So, without a smart antispyware program or antivirus, you're going to make an easy target.
This actually happened to me once and they stole everything on my characters, disenchanted my hard earned pieces of gear, stole all my money and deleted all my character.
I managed to recover my characters but not the money and gear.
There's absolutely no chance to get banned.
A a professional WoW gold guide does not involve the use of any cheats.
Otherwise it wouldn't be a guide.
If you want to cheat to get gold, there are plenty of cheats online.
But you'll use them at your own risk.
The Warden program is quite vigilant and there's a big chance to detect any cheats.
So, following the safe methods in a guide, you'll get safe gold.
You'll learn plenty of excellent methods to make gold.
Once you learn at least a few methods that the WoW pros also use to make gold, you won't need to worry anymore about gold in this game.
Just rinse and repeat and the cash-flow will always be high and constant.
Cons for using a WoW gold guide 1.
They aren't cheap.
Indeed, many guides are a bit pricey, but quality does not come cheap.
Also, every gold unit that you'll earn in WoW by using a guide is 100% safe.
Gold doesn't come instantly.
Applying every farming method described in a WoW gold guide usually takes time.
However, there are safe methods that won't consume more that 10-15 minutes per day at the Auction House to buy and sell, and of course, to empty your mail that will usually filled with nice gold.
Important: If you want to get a guide, check first a few reviews or see what other players say about it.
Many guides are just shallow, without any solid information and you'll throw your money away.
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