Who are Diamond Buyers and What Do They Do?

If you are looking to sell your precious diamonds, then you definitely need to know more about companies that specialize in purchasing diamonds from you, providing you with cash for your set or loose diamond.

Most people instantly consider a pawn shop or local jeweler when deciding to part with an unwanted gem; however, Diamonds Buyersare often a better option since they generally provide the fairest price, allowing you to receive more cash for your gem. Furthermore, they typically provide services that accommodate diamonds that are less than a carat all the way up to diamonds with carats in the double digits. Who are Diamond Buyers? In short, these are companies that invest in your diamonds and resell them to the public. Unlike pawn shops, these companies—many of which are online—have lower overhead cost and connections that provide them with an opportunity to give you a better price for your stone. Furthermore, they accept loose diamonds unlike many pawn shops and some local jewelers. As a result, you are able to sell your unwanted diamonds to these companies and have a larger cash settlement in the long run.

When people rush to pawn shops to sell their diamonds they are seeking to instantly obtain cash. Because of this desire, diamond buying companies are often equipped with company policies and processes that provide you the cash you desire in as little as 48 hours. Imagine not only receiving more money for your diamond but also getting that extra cash in two days— clearly a great option for individuals seeking to sell their gems.

In short, these diamond buying companies are prepared to handle the diamond buying process in a way that many pawn shops and local jewelers are ill-equipped to handle, not to mention the fact that you receive more cash in the process without sacrificing a timely turnaround. What Do Diamond Buyers Do? The specifics vary depending upon the company you select to purchase your diamond. Many companies will provide you a quote for your diamond and then send you a certified envelope (that is insured) for you to ship your diamond for a full inspection. Once this inspection is complete, they offer you a solid quote and you can choose to take the cash or get your diamond back.

A few of the popular online diamond buying companies also provide other essential services that can provide you with an even larger cash settlement. One of these includes consignment services in which the Diamonds Buyersactually place your diamond on the market for you. In these situations, it may take around 30 days for the diamond to sell, but you can obtain substantially more money than taking the fast cash option.

Selling your diamond to one of these buyers is a great way to increase the amount of money you receive in exchange for your diamond. Be sure to research the company and understand all the services they offer so you can obtain the best value for your diamond.
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